'Thou shall not be afraid to wear white’; it may as well be everyones top fashion commandments this coming fall as we are tempted to seep into a naturally muted array of dark knits, jeans and those typical ‘fall’ colours. Made up of usually welcomes earth tones of deep beiges, greens and ochre-browns, Fall brings with it a cosied sensibility. 

Yet as Candice Lake sports her white palazzo pants, paired with a 90’s athletic Michael Kors fittingly crop sweater, a new whited out faze is brought to the forefront of fashion this fall. Heavenly to all minimalists, Alexander Wang die hard’s and Jil Sander fans the abstract yet precise balance which this look beholds is both chic and modern. The tangent of slightly varying white tones piled together transcends the expected Fall look in hedonistic triumph,

with love. 

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